Fun & Unique Ideas for Your Senior Photos

Pretty girl in a pink dress standing in front of her motorcycle in her senior portraits.


You’re graduating high school soon! What better way to mark this occasion than with a professional senior photos? It’s a chance to capture your personality and your high school career as you prepare to start your new life in college or your career.

Our goal is to make your senior portrait session a fun experience, and there are so many ways we can do! Scroll through Pinterest and you’ll see tons of ideas for how to make your senior photos unique. Here are a few of our favorites!

Pretty girl in a pink dress standing in front of her motorcycle in her senior portraits.

Spell it out

Scrabble is definitely an old school game, but the tiles are a fun way to spell out your name, the name of your high school, or even what college you plan to attend. So, break out that board game! Imagine laying out the tiles on a wooden table or even on the grass at your local park. It adds a playful touch and a bit of nostalgia to your senior photos.

Write in chalk

Want a more colorful way to reveal your future plans? Write out your message in chalk and pose next to it! This could be on the driveway, a sidewalk, or even a blackboard if you can find one. The vibrant colors of the chalk add a dynamic element to the photos, and the best part? You can change messages and snap multiple pictures!

Hold up a sign in your senior photos

Whether it’s a favorite quote, your graduation year, or just your name, there are tons of ways to express yourself with a sign board. A letter board allows you to write any message you want, creating a custom sign for your session. You could hold it up or hang it on a nearby tree. It’s a simple yet effective prop that personalizes your senior photos.

Your favorite school spots

Did you have a particular seat during football games? A special study spot? Why not incorporate these special memories into your senior portraits? Take a trip down memory lane and visit these places that hold so many memories of your high school days.

High school senior girl on the tennis court with her tennis racket.

On the sports field (or court)

If you play a sport in high school, a great way to recognize your athletic career is to take photos on the field or in the gym where you practiced and played. Bonus points if you include your sports equipment or jersey. It’s a fantastic way to pay tribute to the sport that was a big part of your high school life.

High school senior by school lockers.

Show off your class ring in your senior photos

Your class ring is unique to you, capturing not just your birthstone but also your accomplishments and passions in high school. Capture a close-up of your ring as a reminder of what your high school experience was like. This could be a shot of you holding the ring towards the camera, with your graduation cap or diploma in the background.

Your go-to hangout

If you have a favorite restaurant or place to spend your free time, why not take some photos there? After all, this place is special to you and likely something you will want to remember for years to come. Whether it’s a local diner or the town park, these locations add a personal touch to your photos.

Dress up for prom for senior photos

You don’t want to wear that prom dress just once! Show off your prom look again and take some formal photos during your senior portrait session. This is a great opportunity to wear your prom attire in a new and creative way, perhaps in a setting that contrasts with the typical prom night backdrop.

Put on the cap and gown for senior photos

Your parents will love having photos of you in your cap and gown, and the ones taken at the actual graduation ceremony likely won’t be top-notch. Get some professional photos of you in your full commencement gear! This is also a perfect moment for throwing your cap in the air in celebration—a classic shot!

Cousins wearing blue cap and gown for senior portraits.

Library or bookstore

If you’re especially focused on academics, surrounding yourself with books makes for fun photos! Your local library or a bookstore can be a great place to capture this aspect of your personality. Imagine yourself surrounded by towering bookshelves, engrossed in your favorite book.

Bring along your pet

This requires some advance planning, but including your pet in your senior portraits is not only a fun way to commemorate your love for your four-legged friend. It can also help you feel more relaxed and at ease. Whether it’s your dog, cat, or even a more exotic pet, they make your photos uniquely yours.

High school senior with her pet dog during her senior photo shoot.


Your senior year is a milestone, and your photos should be as unique as your experiences. These ideas not only add a personal touch to your senior portraits but also ensure that the session is enjoyable and memorable. So, pick your favorites, get creative, and let’s make some incredible memories that you’ll cherish forever!

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