Emilee’s Healing Hut: Not Just A Yoga Studio

Yoga Class at Emilee's Healing Hut

If you haven’t been introduced to Emilee’s Healing Hut, it is our pleasure to explain why you should visit. This small business in the heart of Janesville is where your journey toward holistic wellness begins. Whether you’re drawn by the physical aspect of yoga or seek a deeper connection through personal healing sessions, Emilee’s Healing Hut offers an enriching experience tailored to your needs and aspirations. Join us as we explore how Emilee’s dedication to fostering a community of wellness seekers sets this studio apart.

Emilee Kern, owner of Emilee's Healing Hut

A Variety of Yoga Classes

At Healing Hut, Emilee understands that each individual steps onto the yoga mat with different needs and goals. To accommodate this diversity, she offers a range of classes:

  • Fiery Fitness Flow: Perfect for those who love to challenge their limits and embrace a vigorous workout.
  • Gentle Beginner’s Hatha: Ideal for newcomers seeking to learn the basics of yoga in a nurturing environment.
  • Kid & Me Class: A fun and engaging way for children and their guardians to bond and learn together.

Personal Healing Sessions

Healing is a personal journey for Emilee, and she offers various healing sessions for personal wellness:

  • Reiki Energy Healing: Experience the flow of universal energy to promote emotional and physical healing.
  • Sound Healing: Let the soothing sounds recalibrate your energy and potentially reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Personal Alignment Coaching: Using yoga philosophy and oracle cards, Emilee provides guidance tailored to help you reach your wellness goals.

Community Gatherings

Emilee with her book at Emilees Healing Hut

Emilee’s Healing Hut is more than just a yoga studio; it’s a community hub where people come together to grow and share:

  • Retreats: Scheduled several times throughout the year, host up to 20 individuals for immersive experiences in spiritual and physical wellness.
  • Monthly Moon Ceremonies: These gatherings are a time for reflection, connection, and relaxation, complete with journaling and sound baths.

The Inspiration Behind Emilee’s Healing Hut

Emilee’s journey in wellness began over a decade ago. She was strongly influenced by her life in Hawaii, where she embraced the power of quality food, fresh air, and active living. Bringing this essence to Wisconsin, Emilee has created a space that mirrors the tranquility and wellness she experienced in Hawaii. Healing Hut is her platform to teach, share, and inspire holistic wellness in the community.

What Sets Emilee’s Healing Hut Apart from Other Yoga Studios

Emilee with her Oracle Cards Yoga book and oracle cards from Emilees Healing Hut

Unlike other studios that may offer yoga as part of a broader menu, Emilee’s Healing Hut is dedicated entirely to holistic practices. It integrates various services to ensure comprehensive care:

  • Yoga Therapy: Emilee’s unique approach combines yoga practice with personal coaching to ensure alignment with personal goals.
  • Tools for Continued Growth: Emilee has also authored a book and created an oracle deck that help clients continue their self-discovery and healing journey outside the studio.

Emilee’s Healing Hut – Most Popular Offerings

  • Monthly Moon Gatherings: These involve astrological insights, reflective journaling, and conclude with a relaxing sound bath.
  • Restorative Sound Bath Yoga Nidra at Beyond Salt Spa: A unique experience in a salt cave, providing deep relaxation through guided meditation and sound healing.

Specialized Offerings

  • Kundalini Yoga: A dynamic yoga class that is rare in Janesville. It focuses on energizing the spine through chant and movement, aiming to elevate both physical and spiritual wellness.

Emilee’s Vision for the Future

Emilee is working towards acquiring her Yoga Therapy certification to deepen her ability to holistically assist individuals. Future plans also include more collaborative community events and expanding her reach between Wisconsin and Hawaii, continuing to spread the holistic wellness message far and wide.

Contact Information

  • Phone: (808)285-7911
  • Email:
  • Facebook: Emilee’s Healing Hut
  • Instagram: @Emileeshealinghut


Emilee’s Healing Hut is more than a yoga studio—it’s a gateway to a healthier, more connected life. Whether you are four or sixty-four, a beginner or seasoned yogi, Emilee will welcome you to join her community, explore her offerings, and embark on your own journey of healing and self-discovery.

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