Elevate Your Celebration with Pint Sized Parties

Little one year old boy with a birthday party cake and balloons.

Elevate Your Celebration with Pint Sized Parties: Master of Balloon Decor and Party Services

Are you in search of the perfect way to make your child’s birthday or your upcoming celebration unforgettable? Look no further than Pint Sized Parties, your ultimate destination for innovative and enchanting balloon decor and party services. Located in the heart of Stoughton, WI, and extending services to the Janesville and Madison area, Pint Sized Parties specializes in turning your festive visions into reality.

One year old baby boy celebrating his birthday with a cake smash and balloon background. Close up of cute one year old with cake all over his face.

Discover the Joy of Unique Celebrations with Pint Sized Parties

Creating Celebrations That Matter: At Pint Sized Parties, every event is a canvas, and balloons and decor are the art. Amanda Thomas, the creative force behind Pint Sized Parties, brings her decade-long expertise in the event industry to the forefront.  Specializing in children’s birthday parties and bespoke balloon arrangements.  This service isn’t just about adding splashes of color; it’s about crafting experiences that ignite joy and create lasting memories.

Inspiration Behind the Magic: The journey began in the vibrant corners of the Madison Children’s Museum, where Amanda’s role in orchestrating birthday celebrations for children sparked her passion. The transition to focusing on adults’ events revealed a gap that Amanda was all too eager to fill.  Merging her love for vibrant, joyful celebrations with her flair for sophisticated event management she went to work to fill that gap.

Why Choose Pint Sized Parties?: Standing out in a sea of event planning options, they pledge to deliver a blend of memorable, accessible, and joyous experiences. Amanda is committed to working within her clients’ budgets.   Her knack for creating unique, fresh decor setups ensures every party is not just an event but a cherished memory.

Balloon Arch with rainbow colors by Pink Size Parties.

Tailored Services for Every Celebrant

Ideal Party Partners: While children’s events are at the heart of Pint Sized Party, the doors are open to all. Whether you’re three or thirty, celebrating milestones, school dances, or big events, their services are crafted to add a sparkle to every occasion.

4 adults with New Years props and hats celebrating New Years portrait of mom, daughter and granddaughter holding 2024 balloons.

Solving Party Challenges: Preparing for a party often involves a daunting checklist. This small business alleviates the stress of party planning by handling everything from balloon decor to the finer details of party aesthetics. With them, your focus can remain on enjoying the celebration, not managing it.

What’s Hot at Pint Sized Parties?: Their balloon services are a crowd pleaser. They pride ourselves on providing a wide array of unique colors and sizes. All curated to fit the individual style and theme of your event.

Balloon dome by Pint Sized parties.

Innovative Offerings: Exciting developments include the launch of the Pint Sized Party Pod—an inflatable dome filled with balloons. The dome is enchanting and is reminiscent of a whimsical snow globe. This unique attraction is perfect for adding an element of wonder to any celebration.

Preety 4 year old girl twirling in her birthday party dress with a circus tent behind her.

Connect with Pint Sized Parties

Reach Out and Start Planning: Ready to start planning? Visit them online at  You can also find them on Instagram and Facebook where you can see their latest projects and ideas.

Little one year old boy with a birthday party cake and balloons.


Pint Sized Parties isn’t just about delivering balloon decor and children’s birthday parties. They are about crafting experiences that build the joyous memories which childhoods are made of. From your initial idea to the final applause as guests depart, trust this business to make every occasion magical.

To learn more about Pint Sized Party or to book your celebration decor use the link below.  If you need a photograph to help with your next celebration, Life in Pink photography does cake smash sessions, kids milestone and birthday, and event photography.  To find out more or to see our portfolio, use the links below.

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